Author: skip69donzi

Passenger side painted sport remote mirror

Can anyone chime in and help me identify what passenger side sport mirror came with remote? The base is exactly like the driver side. The number stamp is 3454096 with a Pentasta which is correct for 70 only. I know this AAR didn’t come with passenger …

1970 AAR Cuda Fender Tags

Hey guys, I’m looking to buy this AAR Cuda numbers car, I’m going to be documenting everything soon for myself but until I can get to the car, I’ve been sent a photo of the fender tags, all the codes are as they should be, what puzzles me is the arrang…

Glove Box Light/Switch Assembly

I’m needing a glove box light/switch assembly for my 71 Challenger. Thanks for the help!

WTB Steering column wire cover #4335 plastic

Hi folks, finally found out the right wire cover for my column. I found the broken part with the number on it when sifting through all the parts I got with this car. What a nightmare anyway, I finished restoring my column and now looking for a plastic …

Wtb AM/FM Thumbwheel Radio R35

Looking to complete my dash restoration and components. I have an R35 code car. Message me with pics with what you have please. Thank you 🙏🏼

Shaker bubble 6-Pack stuff

Hi to all! I am reaching out to the membership in search for a shaker bubble and 6-pack intake stuff for my 71 challenger. Last year I was very fortunate to get a very nice 71 shaker hood, I tried to buy the bubble too but the gentleman was keeping it …

Challenger passenger door skin (Dynacorn)

Anyone have a Challenger passenger side door skin for sale? Preferably a Dynacorn. Send pics and price, and I’ll figure out wether to ship or pick it up in my route. Thanks folks!