Tire pressures Radial vs Bias ply does it make a difference

As I am starting to experience the ride on my ’68 Polara with “stock size P215 75R 14” radial tires, I question the proper tire inflation. It seems that many modern vehicles recommend around 30 psi whereas our tire pressure recommendations are between 24 & 28 PSI
I believe I pumped mine up to around 30 PSI and now seem to have more road noise than I did at the lower range. The max load pressure on the tire is 44 PSI.
Just wondering is the 24 PSI where I want to be?
Any other thoughts or…

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1968 Chrysler Custom Newport (low mileage-nice)$24,500

Not mine- on Facebook I haven’t figured out how to copy the text. Sorry for some reason I can’t get the link to work when I paste it.

Seam Sealer advice for leak in cowl seam.

Looking for some advice from the seasoned body guys on the correct placement of seam sealer in the cowl drain area of my’68 Polara

This weekend at Mopar’s in the park we had a good overnight rain and when I came out of the hotel Saturday morning my pa…

Calling all ‘68 owners, tire pressure decal pics please

As posted in another thread, I am looking for original examples of the tire pressure decal. As far as I can tell they changed frequently and may have been year specific. In some examples on B bodies they varied between early production and later produc…

‘68 Polara Convertible. Did we/I miss this? Nov 2023

I know this has sold some time ago, but wanted to put it out here for future reference if it comes up again. At one time I said that If I got another, it would be a convertible and match my current 2dr HT
I missed this one. Not sure I was a buyer at …

Parts cleaners – Ultrasonic, vibratory & solvent-experience welcome.

I have used many parts cleaning/ restoration methods over the years. I seem to spend a lot of time cleaning parts and trying to make them new again. I also dabble in cad / zinc replating (another time suck for a different thread).
I have always used so…

77 New Yorker 4door $3500 Fargo

Not mine,
This is a few blocks from me.
I have seen it sitting on his back 40 for a few years. Last fall they moved it into their yard and now just saw it posted. If someone is really interested I could look at it this week before Saturday and get pi…