Author: Cudachuck

A/C heater box

Looking for a good or restorable A/C heater box thanks

Wiring question

building a 71 cuda, I have no wiring at all. What is the best route to go? Going to install Dakota digital dash with aftermarket A/C. Thanks in advance

Suspension parts color

What color and products did you use on k frame and the rest of the suspension parts? Thanks

What paint guns do you use?

I have a 60gal compressor and looking to a good paint gun to spray my car… thanks

Dana 60 help

Would any know the measurements on a Dana 60 from the housing edge to center of perches? Example picture 1..thanks

Are all clones the worth the same???

For example I have 5 identical 1971 hemicuda clones, same color, miles, all original 318. Only difference between the 5 cars is the model year(70,71,72,73,74).
The 71 year clone is worth 100k would the rest be worth the same? Would each year have a dif…

K frame and suspension parts

What color and products is best to use to get the factory look and do I need to prime the parts before painting ? Thanks