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Duel scoops

Aloha, I’m looking for a pair of scoops
Cost with shipping to 967O4
Mahalo C

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Scumacher Conversion Mts. Small Block into “A” Body 6 Cyl. K Member

thinking hard on dropping in a 273 or 340 in my 68 Val. Slant is tired. And plus I have both ready to go. only need to freshen up a tranz. 904 or 833 ? not sure yet. I cant seem to find a K member here yet , so the only other way to go is mounts. If u …

4 speed peddles & components

Looking for a fair priced conversion kit for my 68 Val.
It’s an /6 auto rt now & considering 273 / 4speed
I believe I have bell , tranz & shifter
I need peddles, bellcrank/Zbar, both rods and mounting hardware
I can’t really afford Brewers
So , if I can piece together a set up
It would go sweet with the rest of the work I’ve done on her.
Please include shipping cost to 967O4, Thanks C

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4 speed peddles & components

Hooker Super Comp.headers

Anyone have info on these
I know SB
I believe A body
Semi fender well
But can’t find numbers or any info for what body style
1st gen.?
2nd gen. ?

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offy valve cover or ?

anybody got one of these for a fair price ?

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8.75 axle bearings

Aloha, looking for a new set of greenbearings and inter / outer seals

Q’s for my Fellow Mopar Brothers

Ok, I am in the process of moving in the spring perches on my 68 Valiant Signet. I will be shortening an 8.75 rear to fit a set of N50/15s. My Q’s is what gear ratio would be best with my /6 and tire size combo. With auto set up? It will be an everyday cruiser with a possible turbo added later. I have a 741 case with a 3.91 suregrip ready to run. but not sure if it’s too much gear for the /6. Mahalo for the Help & any and all advice is much appreciated, C

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