70 challenger 440/727 Converter problem

I recently sent my TQ convert off to PTC in muscle shoals al.
Theye were to replace the hub only it was worn uneven and leaked through the Bronze bushing. When I got it back, made a test run 1/8 mile I was on the rev limiter before the traps. before I sent it ogff it was a 3300 stall.
Now its about 4000 stall. 60 FT time came down. Top end dropped 3 MPH
but I am at 6500RPM at the traps in the 1/8. also turn the fastest time yet 6.825
I used to be at 6500 at the traps in the 1/4 mile

PTC says its something else. they also said send it back and they will tighten it up

I await any words of wisdom that could shed some light here>

Thanks >> WIlson
Author: jwjetco