1970 Road Runner GTX Rear bumper tail lights.

1970 Road Runner are Gtx rear bumper Tail lights $90.00

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1970 Gtx Road Runner front Running lights

1970 Road Runner are GTX Front bumper Running lights . $95.00

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1971-1973 Dodge Coronet

Looking to buy a drivable 1971-1973 Dodge Coronet. Located in Ohio so has to be reasonably close. Thanks

Looking to buy a 1971-1973 Dodge Coronet

I’m looking to buy a drivable 1971-1973 Dodge Coronet with a smallblock would like for it to have a 8.75 rear but a 8.25 is ok also. Located in Ohio so has to be a reasonable distance. Anybody have one? Thanks

Hello from Ohio

Hello everyone

1970 Road Runner Gtx Tail Panel

1970 Road Runner and Gtx Tail Panel with Extentions and trim. ASKING $390.00

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Manifold Vacuum Increasing not Decreasing with Throttle??

I am curious to know what would is causing my manifold vacuum pressure to continue to climb as engine RPM increases from idle.
I am only tuning the car in the garage at this point and have not tested while driving. All information I have collected (int…