fuel pump question/problem….

The imperial i bought lately doesn,t run on his own…..
I saw they put a electric fuel pump under the car but that was also connected to the normal fuel pump?????!!!!!

I didn,t hear the elec-fuel pump so i made it original , see of it would run………

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Planning my build. Phoenix, Az need some info and leads.

Hello folks, I live in Phoenix, Az, and not sure where to post this without causing grief on the general build boards. More of a lurker but I am starting to acquire parts for building up a 5.9 Magnum (need this) based build, A500 transmission (need th…

LA 360 drop in roller lifters

Hola. Currently in process of doing having some port work done on my speedmaster heads. I have been running a hydraulic flat tappet up until now. Have decided to bite the bullet and run a roller cam. Just looking for some recommendations for the guys w…

Call all Valve Cover ID Gurus…

I just picked these up for $30 CAD. Seller thought they were off his old 1970 340 Swinger. If not, can you ID these based on the wire looms, oil cap, etc.

Thanks for your time.

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Do I have the right harmonic balancer?

Hi guys I’m after some help on the harmonic balancer that my father in law had on his parts shelf, I know that he picked it up with the intent of putting it in his 69′ 340 but looking up the part number I’m not sure if it’s right. It’s a Powerbond PB1004N, PowerBond PB1004N PowerBond Premium OEM Replacement Harmonic Balancers | Summit Racing and looking it up it’s for a 72-73 340. I know that the timing mark will be out 90* which…

Do I have the right harmonic balancer?

1999 360 Magnum swap vacuum line help.

Got the engine in and got it to start, but wondering what I need to do with all the vacuum ports. Running stock EFI. There are two ports on divers side middle of intake, a small one on the passenger side middle, and one off of the front of the throttle…