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Hughes Engines Solid Cam

I am thinking about purchasing a solid lifter Hughes cam and was wondering if any of you had run one in a 340 motor.
Or any Mopar engine I guess.
What did you think of it? I do like Comp Cams grinds.
Have you run one and then fitted some other brand t…

Do you have any junk 1972 – 1974 Barracuda/‘Cuda Grilles?

Looking for a small section of a 1972 – 1974 Barracuda grille (See pic). I’m not interested in an entire grille. I know some guys have bits and pieces kicking around. Thank you!


Hey everybody!

I’m 39 and live in Castlegar BC. I’ve recently purchased my first mopar. I’m glad I found this forum, I’m sure I’ll have a few questions and need second opinions in the near future. It’s Good to know that support is only a few clicks away. I cant wait…

What is This Part Called And Am I Missing One?

On the passenger side of my engine there is a metal bar that is connects a boss on the oil pan rail to the bolt on the Torqueflite bell and I noticed that the driver side has a large bolt and a boss on the oil pan rail but there is not the same metal c…

70 Challenger Hood Hinges, Shock plates & original dual exhaust cutout rear valance.

Hello, looking for usable, OEM hood hinges, 70 only shock plates for 8 3/4, Dana rear and an OEM rear valance with exhaust cut outs.

Thank you

Need someone to look at a car in CO

Looking at ebay purchase in Longmont CO. On a drop top Chally for 48k Anyone local can look at a car or recommend a service. Im in Boston mass and its a lot of wood to go sight unseen. Not looking for show quality. But dont want a major headache either.


1972-74 Challenger grill header panel

A good friend of mind is looking for this panel. Anyone have one to sell? Thanks..