Your Opinion…RARE…..

....A bodies. Just to give you a feel for what this question is about, what in your mind would you consider to be a rare A body. List at least your top 5 choices of your opinion and i'm sure we all have one. Is a snake skin top duster rare? Would a /6 4 speed car be rare? We know the hemi A's were so now that you see where we're going i'll list, in my opinion, what i would consider rare. I'm sure there are some here that can provide real production #s should we get way too far fetched.

#1 SS Hurst darts/barracudas 80 or so of each
#2 Mr Norms GSS cars
#3 Mod top A bodies
#4 67 GTS Dart 383 457
#5 1976 HP 360 Duster
#6 How about any triple black A body/Triple White
#7 /6 4 speed A body

Let's hear from you guys and gals on this one.
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