You might be a Pot Head

These are the 12 signs you might be a pot head

1 You wear sun glasses at night so you can see better 8)

2 you have actually put out a fire with bong water :angry4: :angryfir:

3 the term "hydro" does not mean water :hippy2:

4 you have an usual parking space outside your local head shop :burnout:

5 you have a name for your 3 bongs 2 pipes one of which was made by you :sunny: :tongue3::thumblef: :shaking2: :cherry:
6 you know your measurements from grams to ounces by heart :read2:

7 your best friends are your dealer and your roller :toothy10:

8 you sell your car for gas money:blob:

9 after reading this list you have done most if not all :cheers:

10 if you respect 4:20 to a religious value :angel12:

11 if you sue your employer for not getting holiday pay on April 20th :blob6:

12 if glass blowing was your minor and Herbology was your major.....please e-mail me we need to chat8):supz:

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