Yet another new guy

Hey all. Just a note to say hello. Will update my pictures this weekend.
I'm currently getting a 71 Charger into the running reliably category. Have another Charge SE 72 in the body shop. Been 16 years in the making. Added rallye doors and a powerbulge hood to it. Paint is currently scripted for argent silver and full vinyl top in black. 400ci stroker to 512ci. Still waiting on Santa to come up with a kit tho...
Last car is a 73 Charger with rust on lower 6 inches. Tho rockers are sound. So its becoming a donor for the 71 with little chance of a full restore in the near future. I wish you all well and glad your available to set me straight for I will ask questions. :ROFLMAO:
PS any pointers in swapping the electronic ignition from the 73 to the 71. Is it just a coil, ballast, cabling swap and distributer??
Author: 71Charger