“x” heads

hello im new to this board.ive got a set of aawj340 2531894 "x" heads. on on a 318 that i bought out of a aar cuda 3 years ago.i was told by the guy that thay where 6 pack heads.but i he did not know for shur.the guys dad had a numbers maching bone stock t/a chalenger that he raced in the 80s.until the 340 slung a rod out the block he then had a 318 bilt to put the "6 pack heads and intake on" then he sold the t/a in 92 but kept the motor. he then got a cuda in 96 it was primerd down raged out mising all the seats but the body was good.he had my dad come down to look at it for him to run the serial #.well you coultd see from a mile away it had the aar hood,you could stil see the lime green paint with the strobe stripe and aar on the rear panel! my dad told the guy wut he had and ran the numbers for him so he could restor it.wellthe man died of cancer in 2000 so his son got the car.i was littel when all this hapend.but when i got my license iwanted to get a old cuda to fix up so in 2007 i went down to buy the car of the guy,onl to find he sold it for 15000 to a guy up in ohio,but he cept the 318 with "6 pack heads" so i bout it for 250 bucks! now can some one tell me wut i got pleas?2531894 cast number but there is no x stamped on the heads? i know thay ant 915 6bbl j heads. could x heads came on a 6 pack car buy mistake? SORRY ABOUT THE LONG STORY! PLEAS HELP IM ALL MIXED UP ON THIS
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