WTB decent mopar in/around NY for under 3000 or trade for motorcycle

I have a 1972 Coronet that was in fairly nice shape until my dad backed into it with his truck... I'm considering replacing it instead of fixing it since it will never be worth the amount of money it would take to restore it. I'm looking for almost any mopar with as little rust as possible and good interior, just something that will make a nice daily driver. The engine and tranny don't matter at all since I will just drop mine in (rebuilt 318 and a good 727).

If you want cash I am looking to spend under or around $2000 (could go a little higher if the car is really nice) and am looking especially for another Coronet or a Dart Sport (not swinger) or a Duster. If you want a 2006 Kawasaki Ninja 500 I have one for sale that I can work into a trade, it is worth about $2900. Straight swap or bike+cash for car or bike for car+cash.

Of course I can find a billion of what I am looking for in California and Arizona but here on Long Island it's much harder to come by... I have access to a trailer so I should be able to pick up the car and will consider cars anywhere in NY or in CT, NJ, maybe even PA. If you're near NY and have a car like this for sale just let me know!
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