WTB: 440 Headers/Dual Quad Setup for a 68 B-body

There is a kid (actually 21 yo) in the neighborhood who is trying to build up a 440 in a '68 Satellite. He's one of those kids whose had to deal with a series of hard knocks in his life and this project is keeping him out of a lot of trouble (maybe not all but alot of it). I told him I would try and find him some headers for the 440. If anyone has a decent set of Super Comps or the equivalent available, please let me know the condition, the primary/collector measurements and what you are asking for them.

Also, if anyone has a 440 low-rise dual quad setup (preferably with carbs/linkage, fuel lines, etc.) or individual pieces, let me know. Located in the SF Bay Area, CA. TIA.
Author: admin