Would You Buy This Lawn Mower?

I'm trying to make a few bucks on the side and have this on craigslist for a $100.

Here's the description:

"Just rebuilt carb, sharpend the blade and gave it a tune up (I was a small engine mechanic for 10 yrs.) Blade safety works great, greased axles and replaced dust caps, cut level adjusters work great too. No missing parts and comes with bag. 100% made in USA with a heavy gauge steel deck and 3.8 HP Tecumseh engine made in Wisconsin. 2 pumps of the primer when cold and it's a 1 pull start. 1 pull start when warm. I just cut my overgrown lawn with it and it runs and cuts great, nice and even with no missed spots! Bags great and leaves no "duff" on the lawn. Very fuel efficeint too.

This is a great mower and should give many more years of service as long as gas isn't left in it over the winter. Please e-mail with any questions."

Am I asking too much money? Should I drop the price to 75 or 80? I found a 3.5 hp Craftsman mower in the alley but it was missing some parts and some dipsh!t had tried to fix it and had no clue. I picked up another almost identical 3.8 mower for $20 and made one good mower out of both.

Hey, whatever it takes, lol! I saw that mower in the alley and felt that I just couldn't pass up this "opportunity", lol. Since I'm unemployed, this kind of stuff keeps me busy and my mind active. You know what they say about "idle hands". The extra dough is sorely needed too. Who knows, if I can get enough of these rolling through, I'll just start my own business and be the master of my own destiny. I'll do motorcyles, chainsaws, snowblowers, jetskis, weedwhackers, whatever. I already have a big enough garage, two shop dogs, an air compressor and most all the tools. Hmmm.... I wonder if I can deduct dog food from my taxes as a "shop expense"? :read2: :-D

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