Wondering about 2 cars I used to own….

I was thinking about 2 darts I used to own and where they might have ended up.

1st is my 64 dart GT, 273 2bbl/4spd, white/red stripe, red interior, no console, manual steering and brakes. The spare tire well was totally rusted out, but overall it was a solid car. I drove everyday for about a year or so and times got tough and sold it to a buddy who in turn sold it. Can't remember where he said it went. East coast I think.

2nd is a 66 dart GT 273 4bbl,auto, gold, goldish interior, console, ps, manual brakes. The drivers rear qtr was smashed at the taillight but other than that it was a great little car, but had to get rid of some cars. I think it went to Texas..???

You guys know of any of these???? I wish I had more info....
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