Wiring Help

Howdy guys (and girls),

I'm currenty attempting to re-wire my 72 Demon due to current economic situation, (I just don't have any extra $ right now and don't see any relief soon). I bought a track only 72 Demon and am returning it to a steet car and am close to being finished. I was hoping to sub out the wiring to a professional, but just dont have any extra funds now.
The car was wired with 2 colors when I bought it (red and black) and had no original electrical parts in it(worth talking about anyway), and so now I've stripped it to the bone and am trying to prepare for serious battle.
After reading the Painless directions, I'm more confused than when I started.
If any of you have been through this and are interested in lending some thoughts and/or support, I would be seriously gratefull.
I will be running the mopar(msd) ignition box, msd distributor, and am not sure how much if any of the original equipment I'm going to need to make this all work.
Also, I've been searching the web for a thourough wiring diagram, which includes steering column, light switch, wiper switch etc. ,and haven't had much luck, so looking for any help with that as well.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks, Mike
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