Wiring help please

Well my old wiring harness is very brittle and damaged. Hard to see what needs to go where so I need a little help on a few connections?

On the starter relay on the large power stud, is there suppose to be a feed direct from the battery other than the 2 wires into one connector that are on it?

Also the battery cable does go is wired to the starter only correct? I know on some of my other Dodge's it goes to the starter relay and then there is another large cable from the relay to the starter. I was thinking with this higher torque starter it would be better to have the cable go straight to the starter 1st? I used a larger custom cable.

Also how does the ignition switch pull in battery power and power to the fuse block for the inside accessories etc? Does this come from those 2 wires connected to the starter relay? I think there needs to be a battery feed to this large post on the relay correct to feed those 2 wires connected to the large post?

I was thinking maybe I should do some type of terminal block with larger wiring from the battery direct to the new terminal block and then tie in the starter relay.

Does anyone have a wiring diagram or some pics or can help me with this.

Thanks! :read2:
Author: admin