Winterport Dragway pics

Went to the track Sunday for the 1st time since 1976. Brought back lots of memories of a younger, more foolish me. Age has mellowed me out a little, but I think I've got that itch to spin my tires again. :burnout:

It's 1/8 mile bracket racing, and pretty much anything goes. This weekend had bikes, snowsleds, 4 wheelers, cars and trucks, running low 5's to 12's. There was a turbo Yamaha sled that ran 5.28/138, and he had to let off at 330' to get traction. A couple other sleds ran mid 5's, as did the rails.

There aren't many Mopars around here, but they had a few nice ones. There was even a Magnum with a stroker motor, that spun past half track.

They had the "King of the Street" race, which was the fastest street legal car. They had to go out on the road for about 10 miles to prove they were streetable cars. The fastest was a mid 5's big block nitrous Camaro, but there were quite a few that were right on his A$$.

Anyway, check out the pics, and sorry for the non Mopar ones. Tim

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