Window regulator problems

Well heres the scoop, I recently picked up a set of doors for my 74 dart, the doors are off a 73 Dart sport I picked em up from Robert-(cracked back)- I bolted em on today and went to exchange the windows, come to find out the regulators are way different, I was changing out the regulator set up and realized that the doors from the 73 dart sport do not have the correct mounting holes in the doors for the regulator track rod-(if thats what you want to call it) that are on the 74 dart swinger doors, this doesn't seem to pose a huge threat as I can just drill out the holes in the new doors for the lower rod bracket yet the top door where the rod bolts in doesnt have a hole for my regulator set up nor does it have enough meat for me to drill a hole, How should I take car of this all together???

Any input would be very very much appreciated, I am trying to get the car ready for the primer to be sprayed tomorrow.

Author: admin