Why do some members stiff me?

Over the years I have sent several little items to members here and ask for no more than the postage. 90 percent of the time I receive it no problem. But there has been three members who ,I have sent parts to. And not even a thank you in return? Even after a gentle reminder. Even one guy that was begging for a liitle part. Now I have received a few little items myself to and I usually send postage and a few extra bucks. And for that I want to thank the members that have helped me in the past. I guess I'm just aggrevated and wanting to vent a little. Has this happened to anyone else? I guess i want to feel like we are a family here and can help each other out, but i guess like in anything else there a few bad apples in every bunch. Thanks I feel better now and I'll go take my Zoloft LOL!
Author: admin