Which intake do I use?

I just got an 850cfm thermoquad from demonsizzler. I have a stock OEM intake and an LD4B. I realize the LD4B is a 318 port size intake, but I'm wondering if I would get more torque on the bottom end with this intake or the OEM. I can always port size the LD4B this winter when I have more time, if you think this one is better. I would have to use a carb adapter with the LD4B. Would this help torque and take away. Is there enough material to grind the carb mounting area out for the thermoquad or would I be better off to use the adapter? It is an open hole 3/4" thick adapter. I'm not sure what is in the eng for a cam, but I'm assuming a Purple shaft. I'm running a fairly stock '69 340 engine, hooker headers with 2 1/2" exhaust, 4-speed with a 3:55 diff. I'm looking for the most bottom and midrange I can get. Thanks in advance guys.
Author: admin