Where to start on my 63 Dart?

Alright, I'm the (sorta) proud owner of a 1963 Dodge Dart 270. I got it three years ago as a birthday present, intending for me to restore it.

Well, I've been in no place to restore it these last years due to school and moving. I've decided that this summer I will start doing some work on it.

The outer body is in alright shape. No real bad dents, and the paint isn't chipped. The clips that hold the trim in place have been rusted, so there are rust trails going down from them. Some of the trim isn't all the way on. All the hood emblems are missing, as well as the DODGE letters on the trunk. The antennae is loose, and the door handles are needing to be rechromed, as well as the rear bumper.

The engine seems to be alright. It doesn't have a radiator, and the hoses that would be to the radiator are destroyed. The manifold has a bad case of dandruff, and the hose going from the engine to the air filter is missing. It won't start (probably due to having sit for so long that the battery is completely dead).

The inside of the car is a wreck. The oil light stays on, and I don't think the majority of the gauges work. The ignition won't stay in, spinning when you try to crank it. The seats are in good condition, both the front and back are full width bench seats. There are no seatbelts, and many of panels are missing. The floor is covered with a layer of rust, and there are a few holes throughout it.

The gear shift has all of the "crystal" inserts cracked and falling apart. The steering wheel is cracked. There isn't a stock radio, instead some AM radio with a cassette player and a "boost box" (giving FM functionality) is installed. All knobs are also needed to be rechromed.

The front left wheel won't spin, once again probably due to sitting for so long. The other wheels are fine. The original hubcaps are in great condition, with only the black fading.

I'm going to guess that I should start off getting that wheel fixed, and then the motor. What do you all think? Is it worth it, or is it a lost cause?

EDIT: Forgot to mention it's a 270 with a 225 cubic inch Slant 6.
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