Wheels to fit over Scarebird brake conversion?

Hi All,

I need to do the front brakes on the Dart. It's a 67 GT, and is still small bolt pattern drums. For cost savings and ease of finding the parts, I was considering the Scarebird disc conversion.

Since this is a cost saving maneuver, I'd prefer not to have to buy new wheels to clear these discs, but I may not have a choice. I'll stick with SBP for now, and am currently using the old 14 inch Cragars. Does anyone know if these wheels will clear? If not, I have a pair of SBP slots, as well, but they are also 14 inch. Anyone know if either of these will clear, or will I have to buy a pair of the factory rallye's that Scarebird's site mentions?

Thanks all for the help!

- Don

EDIT: Sorry, this is in the wrong forum. Should be under brakes. My apologies. Anyone know how to move it?
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