Whats it worth, my 1964 Valiant Signet V8

Hi folks,
my House needs some work done to it, more than I was expecting. :(

I am thinking of selling my Toy car, my 1964 Valiant Signet,
which came from the factory with a 273 2bbl. Pushbutton Auto,
and Sure Grip 2.93 rear 7.25".

I had a reproduction window sticker made, that lists the options;
but they put the wrong dealership on it.

The car was made and sold in Calif., and came to the East coast 5 years ago.
I bought it in spring 2004.

I rebuilt a 318, with # 302 heads, a Mopar cam, valve springs etc.
that replaced the tired 273.{The 273 was using a qt of oil in 50-75 miles}

Dual exhaust off the stock manifolds.Dynomax super turbos, 2.25" system,
and Abody chrome tips from a 1969 340 Dart.

14" rims and tires {Sbp} 205/70/r14 14x5.5" rims.

New carpet, with sound deadner under it, and both the old Jute, and the new carpets padding.
New headliner installed by me, should have paid to have that done,
as the headliner has some sags. There is insulation above the headliner.

Under dash stereo, with 6x9's in the rear package tray,
rear package tray cardboard was replaced.

New windshield was installed, the old one was fogged and scratched.

More pics at link.

http://fox302.com/index.pl?s=vg&user...cavemanmo ron

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