what to say to nit pickers at car shows

We all know no car is perfect or everyline doesnt meet up right, but some people love busting your chops and im sure some of you guys must have this happen about something stupid.
So the story...
Me and my dad went to a car show yesterday in his 34 ford (dont worry its got a hemi haha) And we were just about to leave and some guys comes up to my dad and ask "why is the top of the grill a little crooked to the right of the scoop" as he was looking at it from the front.(my dad fiberglassed the grill himself to make it deeper and obviously nothings perfect but you cant really tell unless your looking hard for it) so my dad looks at the guy and walks over to the front of the car bends down and really looks at it hard for about 10 seconds and says "ya it is a little off to the right" the guys says "well why is that?" my dad gets up looks him right in the face and says "thats for assholes like you that like to pick shit out" and walks away. the guy was speachless, i almost lost it laughing at the guy but i had to hold it in. ill never forget that line and will probably have to use it for people with my car :laughing:
heres the car btw
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