What Forum Software Are You Using?

Well, I've been kicking around the idea of starting my own forum. It would be on a linux based OS running Apache and was just wondering what software you all are running on this site.

I found a pretty cool domain name and will probably register it tonight. Even If don't start a forum, it would be cool to have my own domain for some possible upcoming business ideas.

I was screwing around today and built my own four port linux based router/firewall with 2 DMZ's then set up a crappy little machine that was already running linux as an apache web server and just dropped a quick pic on it then set up a DDNS. Took a total of about 2.5 hours total. Here you go! http://ramcharger.servebeer.com/

I had the opportunity to purchase that car for 12 grand. I'm still kicking myself in the ass.

Anyway, I imagine starting/managing a forum is an incredibly time consuming project with very little reward. Plus I would have to build and co-locate a server. Not a big deal as I have an "in" with a local ISP. Time is NOT on my side, lol! Like I said, just kicking the idea around.

BTW, it may take a day for that address to propagate and no, that's not the domain I'm going to register, lol!
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