What do you think?

What do you guys's and gal's think about this web site? Be honest. What are the best things about this site that keep you coming back and what are the things that you put up with just for the sake of all the good that comes from here.
I'm NOT trying to make this a complaint thred, and I don't want this to become a thred that pulls our great site apart. This is just to help the great guys that format what has become a large part of our lives to make it better.
What would you like to see this site transform into... what would you rather not see? Be productive instead of counter productive. PLEASE be mature in your responcses, no need for childs play, complaining, whining, fighting, or anything else uncalled for.
Remember this thred is being started to HELP all of us, not to start some stupid crap that gets this thred closed or anyone kicked out.
Author: admin