What Do You Think (long Story)

O.k. I Had A 340 Out Of My 73 Duster, The Dowel Pin By The Oil Pump And Bolt Hole Were Broke Off Along With The Drivers Side Motor Mount Holes, A Local Racer Wanted To Trade Me For It And I Was Going To Toss It So What The Hell, I Drop It Off At His House And You Talk About Mopar Parts Stalked Everywhere, 4 Speeds Big Block , Small Block And Every Thing In Between, He Asks Me What I Want So I Say What Do You Got. He Proceeds To Load My Truck With A Good Running 383, 440 Six Pack Rods (2 Sets) Pistons Bumpers For My Duster And Tells Me Thats Just A Start Let Him Now What Else I Want And He'll Dig Out The 2 440 Blocks He's Got For Me Cause Hes Going All Small Block. I Know He Has Races All His Life And 20+ Years Ago He Was Sponsered By Chrysler. So I Ask Him About It And He Start Telling Me About His Days With Kieth Blackand Richard Petty And Some Other Names I Cant Remember.
So Aside From The Fact This Guy Is Giving Me A Ton Of Parts, I Wonder How To Tell If His Story's Are True. Wheather They Are Or Not They Are Very Intresting
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