What do you think?

Im working on redoing some things with the auto appraisal business that my dad started years and years and years ago. It has done pretty well for the last 20+ years, it is well known in the area for beeing a 1-2 man operation but it can do alot better. I have been doing it off and on for the last 10+ years and Im jumping in and seeing what can become of it.
I have already transfered all the forms from hammer and chisel to Omniform programs that work on a laptop. Seeing as how 90% of the insurance lots are set up for wireless internet that has worked very well so far. Now Im trying to pull the very "unmemerable" (I have been told that by a few people) logo out of the land of 1986.

It started out as this...

"Dad what is the logo supposed to be?"
"It's a spinning wheel."
".....oh...oh yeah I see it now....sorta..."

I found this pic online

Thanks to photoshop I came up with this

What do you think, should it change or stay the same.

The website will be the next thing to change because it is friggin terrible right now. My dad had some weird guy build it sometime in the early 1800's and it has never changed. www.autoideas.net
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