What condition is my condition in?

I know this is a common question on here, but I want to know the best route to get my Duster up and running well without spending too much money. My timing chain jumped in my 318 and to make a long story short, I now have the short block sitting on my engine stand in my garage. The heads are off and from the looks of it, will never be able to be used again due to some big-time recession of the exhaust valve seats (one of them is almost 1/8" in the port!!!) due to my running (HARD) of modern unleaded gas without any lead substitutes. I grabbed a pair of #302 heads from the junkyard that look to be in good shape and I was planning on just cleaning them up and bolting them on, but there's another issue: pistons # 2,4,6,8 all have little "nicks" about the size of a large fingernail on their faces due to valve-to-piston contact when my timing chain slipped. This makes me a little uneasy and I know it would be a good idea to just get new pistons, but I don't know if my block is in good enough shape to just drop new pistons in without a bore/hone. Can anybody give me an estimate on how much it costs to get a block bored over .030" and honed, if I need it? I know pics would help, I'll see if I can get some up with my cell phone.
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