What cfm carb and gears should I use?

I have a 72 Dodge Dart Swinger... I just dropped in a freshly rebuilt 360, bored .040" over, lunati bracket racing cam and matched lifters, edelbrock ld4b intake manifold, Hedman Long Tube Headers, Electronic Ignition, etc. Stock valves 1.88"/1.60". Also installed a 2800 stall converter, I have 3.23 gears and suregrip 8 3/4" rear. I have a 600 cfm edelbrock #1405, but this engine seems to feel like it does not give it full gusto WOT from the line, no squealing tires except from 1-2 gear and 2-3. I plan to change the rear end gear, so I get the tires going, but it seems I would have more power from this engine... Should I be using a 750 cfm carb? Also I want to drive this to cruise-ins and yet still kick some tail at the dragstrip, what gear do you all recommend? I was thinking 3.73... Thanks guys!
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