What BB A-body traction problems do you have?

Can one have too much power? Anyone's motor have too much torque? I'm building a 511" 400 with 727 and 2.76 Sure-Grip. Something like 460HP@5500 & 525ft-lbs@4000 by Dyno2003. I have an A-518 and Ultrabell, but after running the numbers, this motor just doesn't need low gears. I also love hearing the ricer fart pipe next to me floor it, make tons of god knows what kind of noise, and go nowhere, and me touch the gas and leave them without sounding like I'm even trying. The F.A.S.T. racers are into the 10s with skinny bias tires, but I'm sure their motor are built with more top end where they can use it, and less bottom where they can't. Opposite of what I'm doing.
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