What a deal!

In this time of money woes I had the chance to pick up a race car for a whale of a deal. I bought a 1980 back half Malibu with a 383 stroker motor. Now I really have no use for the chevy engine but I sold it to a buddy of mine. Car was a project that was never completed. I bought it for the Back half frame section and the narrowed 9". All new strange thrid member with 4.88 gears 35 spline spool and axles,Wildwood disc brakes, New 15 x14 Convo Pros with new 16x33x15 M/T slicks, new wheelie bars,15x3 centerlines on the front, 12pt cage,new NOS fogger,Power glide with 5000 stall convertor, fuel cell,MSD 6Al,and some other stuff. I paid 2600.00 for the car. I'm going to use the rear and back half and maybe the 12pt cage in my 68 NSS Dart. Did I get a good deal?
Author: admin