went shootin and caught the bug

me and my buddies went shooting today with a 22 long rifle and a winchester 30-30. i have always been a city boy but liked country life just never had the chance to do much with it but goin to school in cheyenne, wyo in the middle of country lifestyle i am getting to enjoy it now:) but after shooting today i want to get a rifle. i really like the 30-30 cuz it really is a good guy for a beginner and can still be really usefull. so i was thinking maby someone out there maby close to denver or cheyenne would have a 30-30 or close to that that isnt used to much anymore and would sell it or trade for some mopar stuff?? i have a builder 318 with a 904 auto tranny also a complete a/c set up except the a/c under dash unit (i have one but would need a just heater one for my car) a set of bucket seats out of a mid '90s caviler that i was gonna put in the scamp, idk i have a lot of stuff lol so if you have a gun that you would like to sell or trade let me know and i can see if i can get you what you need:) thanks tyler
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