Welding helmet

Im selling the wife's welding helmet(she's a welder by trade). We bought this about 2 years ago and paid something like $350-400 for it. I cant get to use this one, she just really likes her Jackson Nex gen II Helmet. I my self love The Speedglas better. Its alot lighter and fits my head better.

OK, Its a Speedglas 9000X auto darkening. Shade 3 at rest then its adjustable from shade 9-13 with the turn of the dial. It also has 3 TIG welding settings, 9,11,13. Plus it has a sensitivity dial (that's the one that I like to have on a helmet). This thing has only been used just a couple of times, its still brand new, just some scuffs from putting in the locker. Id like to get $150 for it. I do take Paypal

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