Weird post-rebuild issues

I know I have another thread already but I didn't want to hijack it even more.

After rebuilding my 318 (reman'd #302 heads from CCH, Lunati Voodoo 256/262 cam, COMP double roller timing set, factory 360 4-bbl. intake, rebuilt Thermo-Quad carb) I've been having some weird issues while trying to get everything dialed in right.

First of all, there's noticably more blowby coming out of the valve cover than before (with the PCV disconnected), even though I didn't touch the pistons or rings at all when the engine was apart. I have yet to run a compression test but I'm not sure what to look for now with the different cam. Why is the blowby higher? I did a compression test before I disassembled the engine and it was around 95 psi on all the cylinders (except one with receded exhaust valves) with the throttle closed (I know it's supposed to be wide-open but I didn't know at the time).

Second, the carb is being a real bitch to get to run right. I've taken it apart at least three times just to get the floats/needles/seats to work properly and not stay shut while running. And those damn secondaries, whenever I tip into those things, the engine bogs down and then belches bluish-white smoke from the tailpipe (I thought gas was supposed to be black?!!). I then let off and slow down at which time my engine runs like the A/F mix is WAYYY off (misfiring, stumbling, etc.); I shut it down, check everything over, then start it back up and it runs fine (at idle and light throttle, of course). I'm sure the secondaries are way off because this carb came from an EGR-equipped truck 360. But why all the smoke? I even did it with the PCV hose disconnected from the valve and capped with a bolt but there was still some smoke when I hammered it.

Is my engine toast? Is my carb junk? I still have to get the kickdown linkage set up right too and the fan belt I got is too long so it squeals all the time. I'm still afraid for my engine though and I'd hate for the $1300 or so I spent on the engine to be wasted.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that it's still got the oxygenated 10%-ethanol Colorado pump 85 that I put in the car about 7 months ago.
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