Weiand 7505 Intake Manifold

I have a Weiand 7505 Dual Plane Intake Manifold on my LA 360cui engine and now i search for information about it but
google have no info , so i will ask here if anyone knows anything about this Intake Manifold .
Will this Weiand 7505 Intake a good choice for a LA 360cui engine ?
I don`t know if I should change it for a Edelbrock RPM Air-Gap #75763 because of
the Edelbrock RPM Air-Gap i have see some videos about dyno-test`s and i have seen that the RPM Air-Gap will be a great Intake Manifold with great results (maybe better results as the Weiand 7505 Intake ) .

I thx everybody for information about the Weiand 7505 Intake Manifold and help !

Regards from Austria ( the Country in Europe where life no kangaroo`s :icon_winkle: )
Author: Zyli