Weather Related !!!!!

Just got a call from one of my clients and it seems one end of one of his buildings has fallen in. We did some work on all of em to seal em up so i headed up to take a look. Corner hell !! The rear building (300'X60') has an addition (100'X60')built by someone else and it fell in due to the load of ice. Client is waiting for the insurance adjuster to look it over then repair will begin. This portion was fabricated with metal trusses by some back yard Joe hired by the PO and the 250'X60' adjoining building is designed the same way. One portion is made with engineered wood trusses and still standing strong. Looks like we'll be beefing up the remaining structure as soon as the ice leaves. No way on this earth will me or my boys get under that building and start beating and banging on it with that ice load on it. I'll get some pics tomorrow and show the damage. WOW !!!!
Other buildings in the area have fallen in also.
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