W2 Blower Manifolds?

Are roots blower manifolds availible for W2 heads? I'm drinking some wine and staring at a useable block in my garage and having some sick thoughts about how I can abuse my Duster. FORCED induction baby. :snakeman: I figure in this configuration stroking would not be necessary and I could get away with a stock block with billet caps and a with a half fill. Yes, all forged internals and premium H-Beams and Crank. No eagle stuff. 8.5:1 compression. Have I lost my mind?

Yes, roll cage, frame connectors and a Dana 60 were already part of the plan, so were the W2's. Should I save my money on the W2's and just use a good set of LA's with big valves that I already have? Maybe I ought to double check the rules I planned on bracket racing under, lol. Other suspension mods are already planned but I'm not willing to backhalf it.

Oh yeah, custom solid roller cam with a 112 LCA and 242 or so intake duration @ .050 and maybe .600 lift with my existing 1.6 Crane rollers. Two Holley 650 double pumpers on top. That would keep it somewhat streetable. I'd add a gear drive too.

Moper? BJR? I'm thinking I could make 650 hp with this combo without too much of a problem and run low 10's easy. Remember, I live at over a mile high altitude and I've seen the density altitude here at Bandimere exceed 9000'. Bandimere is at measured 6200' IIRC.

No need for a stereo in this Duster dream, pure mechanical music. :)
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