Volt tester / Charging Questions

I believe my battery is not being charged by the alternator, and would like to do some testing to figure out what the problem is.

I do have a multi/Voltage tester like this:


However I have no Idea how to use it.

Anyone want to share the appropriate procedure for isolating where the problem is within my charging system using this tool.

I would rather try and do it properly now instead of replacing parts until it works (My usual Method).

Car runs fine, Battery goes dead every few days, Boosted it yesterday and went for a short drive, and then let it run for about half an hour. Battery was not charged at all. Put battery on trickle charger, and it charged back up over night, so I guess the battery is ok. I suspect the voltage regulator, or perhaps a wiring issue. (My mechanic recently "Cleaned up" some of the wiring)
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