Vinyl Roof Replacement

FABO Gents & Ladies:
I'm looking for some input from anyone who has replaced (successfully) their vinyl top. I'm about to get into this project, and my primary question concerns prepping the roof after the rust is repaired and the metal work is finished. Has anyone used POR15 as a rust preventative on the roof before the vinyl is re-applied, and if so, are there any issues with the adhesive sticking to POR15? Should the POR15 be applied, and then a primer put down to give the adhesive something to hang onto?
I've used POR15 and am happy with the product; however, it does have a pretty "slick" feel to it when dry.
The side issue is the headliner replacement, which I'm doing at the same time. Please chime in with suggestions.
Any thoughts are welcome, as always.
Attached are some photos from today taken between rain storms. You can see the bubbles under the top and the problem areas around the lower edge of the rear window trim area.

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