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This post is for a couple of reasons, one being that I've tentatively booked off the first week in December and plan to be in Victoria with my wife visiting my sister in Sidney from Nov 29 to Dec 6 this year. I know I missed Neil's (65S) visit from Ottawa when I lived there (d'oh!) but don't hold that against me when I'm there visiting from Ottawa! I should have wheels to get around, even if they're attached to my sis's Pathfinder... ;)

The second reason for the thread is that my wife and I have been discussing our future out here in Ottawa and have decided that we've just about had enough and are planning to return to the Island to live out the rest of our lives, possibly as soon as spring 2009. It depends right now on if I can get a transfer at my present cushy gov't job or if both she and I can find something new in Victoria. The transfer is anything but guaranteed so I've got my feelers out already. Anyway, we've been out of BC since June 2007 and were wondering what changes have been made out there regarding ICBC, MSP, etc. For me the biggie would be importing the Demon into BC as I've never brought a classic in from another province and was wondering what hurdles I'll be facing doing so. Also, how does the Collector license plate system work through ICBC? Can I assume that my 72 Demon would qualify even though it's a modified car? I honestly can't remember how it works.

As always, any info/tips/help would be greatly appreciated and it goes without saying that I already can't sleep knowing that I could be back on the coast by next year. I've really missed it. :)

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