*&(!&*@! Ups

So... If you've been following my story, you know about BJR and my heads.

If you haven't been following, basically Bobby @ BJR did a set of heads for me, shipped them to me and they were damaged in transit. Good thing they were insured, right?

On 8/25, I filed a claim with UPS. I called them, they said they'd be out that afternoon to pick up the package.

Nobody showed up.

On 8/26 I called to find out what was up, they apologized and said somebody would be here the next day. After I hung up with the UPS 800 number, somebody from the local UPS depot called me, apologized profusely and said somebody would be here the next day.

Nobody showed up.

On 8/27 I called again, they told me they had no record of my request for a pickup, my calls to them or that somebody from the local depot had called. They promised me somebody would be here the next day.

What do you think happened? Nobody showed up.

So 8/28 and 8/29 are the same, I call, they promise, nobody shows up. The comes the Labor Day weekend, no calls and nobody shows up. I call them first thing 9/5 and ask what was going on. They tell me that because it was a holiday weekend, my request on 8/28 couldn't possibly have been scheduled for 8/29, but they promise somebody would be here that afternoon. I get to talk to a supervisor, who apologizes over and over, says somebody will be there that afternoon. 30 minutes after I hung up my wife calls and tells me that my usual UPS driver is at my house, said he just got his ass chewed out by his supervisor for not picking up the package (which he had never asked him to do). Anyway, he tells my wife that when he first got the package at the depot it was already damaged, he told his supervisor that he couldn't deliver it in this condition. His supervisor told him to deliver it anyway.

Now that it's in UPS's hands, I assume they would inspect it and determine what to do with the claim. On the following monday (9/8 ) I call to find out what's up with the claim. They tell me that they have to send the package back to the original shipper (BJR) so he can inspect it, determine if it can be repaired and submit the paperwork for the claim. It's supposed to be delviered to him on 9/9.

On 9/9 I check the status online, it says "Out for delivery". I check with Bobby, he says no package. 9/10, same thing. 9/11, same thing. He calls, I call, nobody seems to know where the package is.

Today I call UPS and speak to a CSR, then a supervisor, then a manager. They tell me that the package is out for delivery. I tell them it's been out for delivery for 4 days. She then looks into it and sees that some company that neither Bobby or I have ever heard of (a ticket broker in CA, Bobby is in GA and I am in NY) submitted a dispute for the claim. They won't tell me why this other company is involved, or what they've got to do with it. They also can't seem to tell me where the package is.

So... at this point, the package is missing, the claim was initially denied because of bad packaging, and some company in CA that's got nothing to do with this is involved.

Tonight I spoke to my wife's cousin who works for UPS, he told me that this sort of thing happens all the time. He said that people's tickets (tracking, claims, etc) get mixed up and this other company is probably for somebody else's claim. He thinks the package is sitting in the UPS hub in GA, might have the wrong label on it. But who knows for sure.

Either way, all I know is that UPS had better work on cutting a check for the damaged package that is now lost.

The only reason I used UPS in the first place is that I have an account with them and get a discount from the NHRA. Next time, I'll be using FedEx like Bobby suggested in the first place.
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