Upper Tubular Control Arm Problems

One year ago, a friend of mine helped me install new (CAP AUTO) tubular control arms that I purchased through Mancinni for my 74 Duster. Ever since the installation, they have been squeaking terribly loud!!! So loud, that I barely have the courage to drive the car in and out of my neighborhood! Along with this issue, there is no give with my front suspention. When I push down on either front fender, the car won't budge. If it does budge, it stays right in place. No bounce at all! I might as well not even have shocks! When I contacted CAP AUTO about this problem they said that my washers are too big so they chuckled at me and sent out a set of washers/spacers. I put those on and it changed nothing!!! :mrgreen: OK, I'm frustrated! Any help from someone else who has installed tubular control arms on a duster would be greatly appriciated. Thanks in advance.
Author: admin