two sets of 1970-75 bucket seats

I have two sets of 1970-71 and 72-74 bucket seats for sale.

1971 bucket seats missing side trim, clean seat backs and has tracks. Nice rebuildable set $300.

1972-75 Dart duster/cuda challenger bucket seats recovered and in very nice black material.m This is a non-seat back models and are ready to use, no tracks though. $300

My computer id down and have to borrow a friends every few days, so I can't load pictures at this time. I can only get phone calls, so e-mails will go unanswered til my system is repaired.

Please contact me for more info, I can ship to 48 states for $100 each set and accept US Post office money orders (computer is down so I can't use paypal).

408-623-3290 9am-9pm CA time zone
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