Two quick questions

Hi folks,

I've got two quick questions for you guys.

1) I just put the volt meter on the battery and the reading I get is between 14.5 V(idle) and 19 V(3000 RPM) . It has a big amp alternator but this seems excessive to me. Any thoughts, electrics are like a rubic's cube to me.

2) The dart is running great but I have a bad oil leak under the front intake where I obviously didn't put a big enough bead of silicone. The problem is the coolant drains on the block were replaced with alan key plugs. With the headers I can't get to them and I could not get them out when the engine was on a stand. I need to pull the intake and re-seal it but don't want coolant in the motor. I've thought about air pressure or a vacuum pump to get the coolant out of the top end of the motor. Any other neat tricks anyone has done or can think of?

As always, I appreciate the help


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