T.V. Show Idea?

I'll just give you a brief overlay of an idea that is still in the stages of conception and maybe get some ideas from the masses across the nation because this is eventually what this will be about. REALITY. Any poll or opinion we have heard has came from downtown NYC or downtown L.A. That doesn't give anyone a feel for the opinions of the real people of rural america and they never get heard. Im talking about a roundtable session of maybe 10 or 12 people, different walks of life setting around the table brain storming all topics of concern to themselves and the american people. Profiles done on all participants so that the world knows and gets a better feel who they are hearing from. Topics would range from, you name it, performance of politicians to ilegal aleins, to welfare recipients. My son works for two of the not so local TV stations and i will be consulting him for the oppurtunity for him to produce this effort. It may go no where but who knows some of the big boys may pick this up and run with it. All sessions will be taped with maybe 4 cameras with lap tops on the table so to have the ability to rapidly research facts. I'll explain more later. This is very new so give me your thoughts. Thanks
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