turn signals not working different harnesses

hey hows it going i had to replace my under dash wiring harness and the front wiring harness for the lights, dont have the third connector only the 2 to the left for the lights and they only blink on your right side when your sitting in the car and on the gauge cluster it blinks on the right side and when i switch the turnsignal switch to blink on the left the green arrow is really weakand the turnsignals dont work, when i turn the hazzards on they both blink bright green but only right side turnsignals work. when i pull my light switch out once i get running lights second for headlight and my foot switch switches it from low beam to highbeam,, if anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated, thanks oh its a 73 swinger by the way and the new wiring out of a 73 swinger supposefely exept for the front which i dont know but the rear does the same things so
Author: admin