turkey rod run (daytona)

there were some very nice cars there , big bucks the swap meet if you where not in to chevy or ford not worth the the time of day . make sure your belly has got something in it before you go in two sausages two ice tea's 25$ what a rip off .the entrance fee went up to 15$ a head . i stopped at a soft seal guy to ck on some weather strip . the fellow told he dont carry any mopar stuff ,none ,zip, nothing . i told my son it was going to be this way ! but we went any how . unless your going to look at the cars dont bother going to fine mopar few an far between here all there where two people selling mopar stuff an im sorry i new them both trade with them all the time , i ask them if they sold much.they said if it wasnt there back yard they would not be there . they had not made enough to pay the lot fees
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